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Architectural hardware; jewelry for the home

Mother of Pearl and Sons Hardware


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Architectural hardware is an important detail in home design that should not be overlooked.  Doors, windows, furniture, and cabinetry all require hardware. The finish and style you choose can really affect the look and feel of a room.  Often considered ‘the jewelry’ of the home, hardware adds character and interest.  There are many places to buy hardware online, but it is difficult to determine the quality and finish of a product unless you actually see it in person.

Mother of Pearl and Sons Hardware, an Australian company in Studio City, CA, has a great selection of unique, quality hardware. Owner, Robert O’Connor has been in business since 1989 and opened his store in Studio City in 1993.   He started out in the antique business and has an implicit understanding of the methods used to make and finish the products he sells. Mother of Pearl carries everything from traditional style hardware to newer contemporary styles, as well as many items that suit the Spanish style homes prevalent in Southern California.  Robert says that many oil rubbed bronze finishes are often simply plated on top of brass and rub off quickly.  Mother of Pearl offers a dark rust finish over cast and forged iron that has a richer look than oil rubbed bronze and lasts a lot longer.  While Robert buys his inventory from local and overseas manufacturers, he also carries his own line of hardware, sold exclusively at Mother of Pearl.

The hardware in your home can make a statement, or can be an underlining architectural feature.  Whether you are replacing the hardware on existing cabinets and furniture or creating a distinct look with new cabinetry; your hardware can be the detail that really makes a difference.

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12328 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, California USA

Robert O'Connor, Owner of Mother of Pearl

Interior of Mother of Pearl in Studio City