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The front porch

“Porches are as synonymous with American culture as apple pie. While not unknown in colonial times, they rose to nationwide popularity in the decades before the Civil War, and remained in fashion for almost one hundred years. Ironically, the very social and technological forces that made them both popular and possible were eventually responsible for their decline.”   from Preserving Porches, by Renee Kahn and Ellen Meagher 1990

The front porch in its heyday seemed to foster a sense of community, acting as the transitional space in a house  where neighbors would socialize.  It was also a place to have an iced tea and catch a breeze in the days before air-conditioning.  Today outdoor living spaces are popular in the world of design, but are usually created in the back yard. But if you are lucky enough to have a front porch, there is no better place to while away a summer afternoon.

credits in order: from Coastal Living via love of the sea blog, from Martha Stewart magazine September 1999 issue, via Southern Living, Evan Sklar photo  and Martha Stewart Living porch via musings of a night owl,  Annie Kelly and Tim Street-Porter’s Connecticut house via Country Living

cvs Triphala 1 pc

Coral in color

Coral is a pinkish orange color that hints of the tropics. A color that has a luminous affect when used in the home.  It has a wide range of tonal values depending upon the amount of white or yellow used.  When shades of orange and pink are used together, they are an alluring and unexpected combination.

credits: India Hicks’ Bahamas home from (House Beautiful, June 2002) via hibiscus hill harbour island designed by her late father David Hicks, the  british interior designer (25 March 1929 – 29 March 1998)  who had a striking way of using bold and intense color combinations in his interiors.  His work greatly influenced modern design and continues to inspire..   Bedroom also by David Hicks via decor 8 blog.

Painting,  Shapes of Spring, 1952 by Milton Avery (American artist, 1885-1965) via bjws blogspot.  Avery was influential in the world of modern art, “…the gift of being a great colorist is not a matter of selecting beautiful colours but rather of selecting a range of colours…which cohere and complement each other like notes in a chosen key.” as quoted in Adelyn D. Breeskin, Milton Avery (Washington, D.C.: The National Collection of Fine Arts, Smithsonian Institution, 1969) via tfaoi.

Circle Work, print from Castle and Things.  Fendi runway from spring 2011 ready to wear collection via  Color swatches from the varese design fabric collection from Designer’s Guild.

Pale blue

When pale blues subtly merge into green they have an ethereal quality that is hard to capture.  Elusive and airy, soft blues are soothing colors that are especially elegant when paired with light woods and other muted tones.  In the heat of the summer they are especially appealing.

bowl by Nathalie De’rouet, Timber glen flooring in thatch from Dal Tile, Colors:  Palest pistachio from Benjamin MoorePale smokefrom Benjamin Moore, Light Blue from Farrow and BallPaper white from Benjamin Moore, Serenata from Benjamin Moore

kitchen via Alice Lane blogspot, bathroom by Jeffrey Alan Marks via Elle Decor, Talis blanco tile from Porcelanosa, Iceberg paint from Benjamin Moore, Palest pistachio from Benjamin Moore, Great White paint from Farrow and Ball, Floors by Walker Zanger